M A R I A  E S T H E L A
b. 1984 Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Maria Esthela is an autistic immigrant woman of colour and self-taught artist settled on the unceded territory of Tiohtià:ke - Mooniyang (Montreal), Canada.
Her practice delves into material and intersectional investigations of tangible and liminal states within the web of our experience, identity, bodymind and spacetime. Her interest in specularity and transparency are informed by her unique autistic expression and cultural fluidity. 
She engages with sculpture, installation, and drawing in a non-linear exploration of entangled knowledge systems; searching for paradoxes in philosophy, science, nature, and the unknown. She references and expands on the works of Gego, Ruth Asawa, Agnes Denes, Yayoi Kusama and Hilma af Klint. 
Guided by research and meditation, her practice is handmade, methodical and site-responsive. Her process is intuitive, repetitive and follows the movement of thought as it expands and multiplies, revealing elusive patterns and perspectives which playfully hint at the ineffable ecstasy that intertwines with the ordinary.
She works with a range of materials that coincide in their optical properties, interpreting the language of light by arranging them into coded rhythms; a poetic proposal on the recursive nature of spacetime and the reciprocal agency of energy-matter.
The abstract language she has developed seeks to evoke thoughtful lightness and emotional gravitas, drawing lines of inquiry and points of reflection that trace and transcend the realm of reason, suspending thought and elevating our attention to what lies between and beyond.
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